Experience Coffee with Purpose. At the core of our mission, we've crafted a blend that not only satisfies your taste buds but also supports our suppliers in Africa. By purchasing our coffee, you're not just getting a great cup; you're investing in a fair and sustainable future for our growers. Our commitment to paying above market rates is unwavering, reflecting our deep-rooted relationships and personal ties with growers and co-ops spanning decades. Together, we promote prosperity, quality, and innovation, one cup at a time.


A quartet of Africa's finest coffee varieties: Cameroon Mount Oku, Kenya AA, DR Congo Lake Kivu, and Rwanda Gakenke, all packaged in a beautiful custom Safari Pride gift box.

  • Traceable Single-origin Coffee

    We source our traceable single-origin coffee from cooperatives across the coffee belt of Africa. With each sip, you're not just enjoying exquisite flavor but supporting ethical and sustainable practices while ensuring farmers receive a fair income.

  • Seasoned Roaster

    With two decades of expertise, our roast master meticulously crafts and explores each coffee, unlocking the distinct flavors inherent to every bean and region.

  • Freshly Delivered

    We prioritize freshness and flavor by shipping our coffee straight to your door immediately after roasting. Enjoy the freshest beans and the most flavorful coffee experience with every cup

  • Community Impact  

    At our core, we prioritize the welfare of the communities we touch. We firmly believe that 'a rising tide lifts all boats.' That's why with every purchase of our coffee, we pledge to donate a portion to social causes in the very communities where our beans are grown and enjoyed.

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