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Every sip supports a cause: Our commitment to fair pricing ensures that farmers in Africa receive a dignified income. Join us in making a difference with each purchase of our coffee.

Our coffee beans are lovingly cultivated in the tranquil embrace of mountain landscapes, where skilled farmers masterfully blend sustainable practices with the essence of their surroundings. With every sip, you'll be transported to a world of unparalleled richness and harmony, where nature's bounty shines through. Savour the delightful aroma of ripe fruits and decadent chocolate, followed by a tantalizing taste journey of vibrant acidity, silky body, and notes of golden raisin, luscious prune, caramel, and delicate toffee. Elevate your coffee experience and treat your taste buds to the ultimate sensation!

Fruity chocolate
Nice acidity, satiny body, golden raisin, prune, caramel, and light toffee



We are always looking to partner with new restaurants, cafés, hotels, and businesses who want to serve coffee with a mission. Let’s discuss how our dedication to sourcing, roasting, and delivering some amazing coffees can elevate your coffee program.


This coffee is a micro lot coffee produced by Procasta and Ikawa Nziza.  Procasta was launched by a Burundian couple Pierre Nzeyimana and Léoncie Minani in 2012 with their main goal to improve the lives of their fellow Burundians. Since its creation, Procasta’s washing station has positively impacted families in the region by giving jobs to men and women which in turn allows them to pay medical expenses, schooling and books for children. Procasta also has plans to build bridges - both to help farmers transport their coffees to the washing station but also to facilitate travel as current roads are not always practical or useable. In addition, Procasta subsidizes farmers for farming inputs.  

Procasta works with 2,000 smallholder farmers at altitudes ranging between 1,700 and 1,950 masl. This lot is milled & exported by Ikawa Nziza which began a partnership with Schluter (now Olam Specialty Coffee Europe) in 2013 specifically aimed at building and promoting specialty coffee production in Burundi. IKAWA NZIZA’s mill is the first purpose-built specialty dry mill in Burundi, designed to cater for high-quality microlot coffees.

Ripe cherries are carefully selected before being pulped and washed at the mill. The coffee is then dried on raised African beds, turned periodically for even drying and covered during the hottest part of the day to prevent sun damage. Once optimum moisture levels have been reached, the coffee is transported for dry milling to Ikawa Nziza’s mill in Gashoho commune between the towns of Ngozi & Muyinga. The mill is designed to cater to small, traceable microlots. Its location in a high altitude and low humidity environment provides the optimal atmosphere to preserve the quality of the coffee and therefore obtain the highest possible price for farmers. From there the processed coffee is handpicked and trucked to Mombasa, Kenya for shipment.

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