Discover the Legacy Behind Safari Pride Coffee:

Our founder, Samuel Ngwa, an immigrant from the North West region of Cameroon, West Africa, hails from a lineage deeply rooted in coffee cultivation. With generations of family history in the birthplace of coffee, Samuel's childhood was filled with the aroma of freshly picked cherries from coffee trees. These cherries were meticulously processed into parchments, sold to local cooperatives like the Bamenda Area Cooperative Union Limited, sustaining his family and funding essential needs like school fees. 

In his earlier years, coffee was merely a laborious task, providing him the means to pursue an education. However, it wasn't until the 1970s, during his freshman year at the University of Wisconsin, that he realized the true value of the ripe cherries he had spent his youth cultivating. Witnessing these cherries being processed and brewed into a beloved beverage, enjoyed by many on campus and beyond, ignited a newfound curiosity within him. This revelation sparked a desire to delve deeper into the intricate processes behind crafting the revered cup of coffee.

Returning to Cameroon after his education, he didn't just dip his toes into the coffee industry, he dove headfirst. Immersed in a USAID program dedicated to elevating local coffee production and export standards, his passion for coffee roasting and processing burned brighter than ever. Unfortunately, during this time he uncovered a startling truth: despite its superior quality, Cameroonian coffee was undervalued and sold at commodity prices to European markets, echoing colonial legacies. This revelation only fueled his determination to rewrite this narrative. He took a leap of faith and relocated to the USA, with a mission to introduce a new market for Cameroonian coffee and showcase the rich flavors of premium African coffees discovered during his extensive travels.

This sparked the inception of Safari Pride Coffee, established in Minneapolis, MN in 1995.

Samuel Ngwa, Founder of Safari Pride Coffee


Safari translates to "expedition," "journey," and "voyage" in Swahili and Arabic. Safari Pride Coffee was born from the desire to lead coffee enthusiasts on a proud expedition across Africa, discovering the continent's diverse and delightful coffees.



At Safari Pride Coffee, our mission is to share the exquisite flavors of African coffees with the world and foster meaningful connections between the hands that cultivate the coffee and the communities that enjoy it. Our journey takes us across the continent of Africa, where we collaborate with trusted partners to ethically source single-origin coffees of exceptional quality cultivated using sustainable farming practices.

Quality Coffee

We offer coffees of unparalleled quality cultivated in nutrient-rich volcanic regions at high elevations, preserving each location's unique terroir. Our beans undergo meticulous handpicking, processing, and grading, with only the finest selected for roasting. Each batch is validated through rigorous cupping assessments, ensuring exceptional taste and consistency.


We partner with esteemed cooperatives to source our coffees. These cooperatives play a crucial role as most coffee cultivation in Africa is managed by small-scale farmers who need more resources to attract exporters and roasters. Consequently, they often sell their specialty-grade coffees at low prices. By sourcing from reputable cooperatives, we ensure that farmers receive fair compensation for their hard work, enabling them to thrive and focus on sustainable cultivation practices without additional income sources. This fosters confidence, security, and growth within our farming communities, leading to consistent and sustainable quality improvement. Our farmers are also able to confidently provide for their families, affording them with the same types of opportunities that were accorded to Samuel's family. Our cooperatives prioritize sustainable farming practices such as minimal use of herbicides and pesticides, shade-grown coffee to enhance flavor complexity, renewable energy utilization, and pollution-free machinery, among others.


We don't just see coffee as a beverage; we view it as a way of life, a journey of shared experiences. Our goal is to connect the coffee-growing regions of Africa with global consumers, allowing you to embark on a virtual journey to the very countries and regions where your cup of coffee originated. With each sip, you're transported to the heart of the producing community. Additionally, we believe in giving back, which is why we reinvest a percentage of every sale into the communities where our coffees are grown and enjoyed, supporting various causes and initiatives.


We are excited to support our local Minneapolis based community and the various communities we interact with in the bean belt of Africa. Learn more about our current partners below and please also join our efforts in helping the respective communities we support.

Non-Profit Partners

Coffee for Kicks Minnesota

Our fundraising event partners with Minneapolis United, two Twin City-based organizations with a mission, purpose, and
drive to help our communities.
By purchasing, you not only get to enjoy high quality coffee but also support our local football club. So, let's come together, enjoy some fantastic coffee, and help our teams kick it out of the park!

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The Sanneh Foundation

The Sanneh foundation is Minnesota headquartered Not For Profit that supports
youth development in the Twin Cities metro area by providing programs that strengthen physical health, social and emotional development, and unite communities by advancing diversity, equity and community wellbeing.

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Angel of Mercy

Angel of Mercy is a Minnesota headquartered Not For Profit that aids orphans, underprivileged children, and people living with the HIV/AIDS virus in the Northwest Region of Cameroon, West Africa

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