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Every sip supports a cause: Our commitment to fair pricing ensures that farmers in Africa receive a dignified income. Join us in making a difference with each purchase of our coffee.

Our coffee entices the senses with an intense aroma reminiscent of fine wine. With each sip, experience a delightful fusion of zesty lemon, velvety wine, and the comforting warmth of black tea. As the last drop lingers, savor the light and airy aftertaste, leaving you craving more. Sourced from the lush volcanic slopes of the Mbeya mountains, our coffee beans thrive in fertile soil and optimal climates, resulting in a brew that's nothing short of extraordinary. Treat yourself to a coffee experience like no other, and elevate your mornings with the sensational richness of our gourmet cup!

Intense, wined toned

Notes of lemon, wine, and black tea




We are always looking to partner with new restaurants, cafés, hotels, and businesses who want to serve coffee with a mission. Let’s discuss how our dedication to sourcing, roasting, and delivering some amazing coffees can elevate your coffee program.


The Hasambo Amco Cooperative is made up of 400 registered and 700 nonregistered small holder producers growing coffee on 500 hectares of prime coffee land located in Southern Tanzania.

The Cooperative was first registered in 1993 as a subgroup of the Mbozi Cooperative Union (MBOCU) – one of the oldest in Tanzania; however, struck out on its own to operate independently in 2002.  Since then, it has grown to become one of the most respected cooperatives in the country winning the number 1 ranking at the Taste of Harvest Competition for Tanzania in 2004.

Factors contributing to its high rating include sustainable cultivating practices employed by its farmers which consist of organic fertilizers such as compost and manure to ensure great soil fertility. They also engage in good agricultural practices such as dual cropping for biodiversity and for shade growing purposes.

Another contributing factor to the high quality of its coffee is the strict quality control standards employed for all cherries delivered to their washing stations/wet mills.  Cherries must be selectively hand-picked and delivered to the washing stations/wet mills within 8 hours of harvest which falls between June and August months. Most farms are located near the mill, with the closest being only 300 meters away and the furthest 10 kilometers away. In order to ensure that the coffee arrives at the mill in a timely fashion, the Cooperative has developed a shunting/ transportation system to collect coffee from all farmers who are either far from the wet mill or produce large volumes. Hasambo hires cars and motorbikes which visit farmers who have notified leaders in advance that they are harvesting that day. A secretary is appointed during the harvest season to arrange all logistics, and this system has enabled the Cooperative to have more control over the quality of the cherry and pulped coffee that arrives at the mill. In validation of all their efforts on quality, their coffee routinely score an 80+ in cupping sessions.

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