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Every sip supports a cause: Our commitment to fair pricing ensures that farmers in Africa receive a dignified income. Join us in making a difference with each purchase of our coffee.

Indulge in the Flavorful Symphony of Lake Malawi's Finest Coffee. Nestled amidst the breathtaking mountains and hills, our coffee beans capture the essence of this picturesque landscape. Each sip unveils a journey of taste, blending the region's diverse temperatures, altitude, and soil into a harmonious symphony of flavor. Delight your senses with the smooth body and sweet notes of dark chocolate, fruit, and caramel, all wrapped in a fragrant and clean aroma. Experience the award-winning quality of these unique East African gems, which invite you to savor every moment of pure coffee bliss.

Fragrant and clean

Smooth body, sweet with hints of dark chocolate, fruit, and caramel




We are always looking to partner with new restaurants, cafés, hotels, and businesses who want to serve coffee with a mission. Let’s discuss how our dedication to sourcing, roasting, and delivering some amazing coffees can elevate your coffee program.


The Mzuzu Coffee Planters Cooperative Union is a member driven apex organization representing 6 smallholder coffee cooperatives consisting of the following:

  • Misuku Coffee Cooperative in Chitipa District
  • Phoka Coffee Cooperative in Rumphi District
  • Viphya North Coffee Cooperative in Rumphi District
  • Nkhata-Bay Highlands Coffee Cooperative in Nkhata-Bay District
  • South East Mzimba Coffee Cooperative in Mzimba District
  • Ntchisi East Coffee Cooperative in Ntchisi District

The apex organization comprises of 3,000 members that have been growing coffee since the early 1930s on family farms in the majestic Misuku Hills of Malawi which border Tanzania and overlook lake Malawi. The cooperative is mostly made of male members (75%); however, efforts are been made to increase the female membership from 25% to 50% over the next five years.

The farmers grow their coffee in a sustainable manner by utilizing organic fertilizers as well as by introducing other crops into the farm lot to provide biodiversity such as nitrogen rich beans which improve soil fertility and serve as part of their family diets.  Farmers have also diversified into honey which is sold locally and provide additional income while encouraging the presence of bees to pollinate plants.  

In addition, Mzuzu has its own coffee shop with skilled baristas to showcase their coffee in the local community. The coffee shop was the first to offer free wi-fi in Malawi and has been a big success. In Tumbuka, the local language, the farmers refer to their coffee as “Khofi withu wakulimika mumalo yakukwela” which translates into “Our coffee is high-grown.” 

The coffee is also Organic and FairTrade certified.

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