Coffee for Kicks Fundraiser.

Brought to you by Safari Pride Coffee.

48% of the retail price goes to your player and team to expand access and facilitate participation in the game of soccer in the Twin Cities.

Shop between April 16–29 , 2023

Select either Local Pickup at Safari Pride Coffee {202 N 22nd Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55411} or standard shipping.
Shipping orders wil be fulfilled after 4/29.
Pick-up team orders will be executed on 5/10.

Safari Pride Coffee and Minneapolis United Ties Run Deep

Safari Pride Coffee ownership and family have strong ties to the soccer community in the Twin Cities and Minneapolis United Soccer Club (MU). Our son, Fru played competitive soccer in high school (Washburn High School), college (Gustavus Adolphus College), and on a number of club teams in the Twin Cities area, as well as was a Boys soccer coach at Minneapolis United.

Our passion for African coffees is equaled only to our passion for the game of soccer, and we are extremely excited to partner with Minneapolis United to raise funds towards expanding access and facilitating participation in the game given that those factors were instrumental to our son's growth and quick assimilation into the Twin Cities when our family moved to the States.

Story Behind Collaboration

Safari Pride Coffee and Minneapolis United are both Twin Cities based local minded organizations whose mission, purpose, and action is driven to help communities we operate in. Upon connecting, sharing stories, values, and dreams for our organizations, it made sense to work together and create something that would be mutually beneficial and foster our goals since both coffee and soccer are global and universal across the Twin Cities area.

Who is Safari Pride Coffee

Safari Pride Coffee is a gourmet coffee roaster located in North Minneapolis that provides a full range of single origin African Coffees and blends from the bean belt of Africa, the region around the equator that provides the best climate for coffee cultivation with its warm and moist environment, as well as its rich volcanic soils.

The Company was founded by Samuel Ngwa after immigrating from Cameroon where he grew up cultivating coffee and was founded to:

  • Introduce deliciously tasting African coffees to the American market while ensuring an adequate income to the farmer and ensuring that the coffees are cultivated using ethically sustainable practices.
  • Diversify away from colonial practices of routinely undervaluing higher graded African coffees and selling them to European roasters at commercial grade coffee (commodity) prices, as well as to take more ownership of the coffee value chain from an African perspective (take coffee cherry from farm to cup).
  • Make a positive impact in the communities where the coffee is cultivated and where it is consumed.

Safari Pride Fundraising Coffee

Safri Pride Coffee will offer two blends of coffee and a premium single origin coffee for this fundraiser: Safari Sunrise Blend, Safari French Roast Blend, and Cameroon Mt Oku Coffee.

The Coffees are handpicked and processed with only the highest graded beans selected for roasting. We then roast the beans in small batches while maintaining the characteristics of each bean and region, highlighting the natural sugars and flavors of the bean. The result of this process is a delightfully tasting cup of coffee with explosive aroma and complex flavor.