NEW! Adventure and Discovery Sampler Kits

NEW! Adventure and Discovery Sampler Kits


The team at Safari Pride is excited to now offer 2 different sample kits for our customers. This is a great way to try our different coffees and decide for yourself which is your favorite. Each kit consists of 7, 3oz. bags of coffee. That is nearly the equivalent of two regular bags of coffee and you get to try half of our product line in each kit. 

The motivation behind creating these kits is to encourage people to challenge what they understand about their own coffee tastes. We are trained to think we like dark roast, or light roast, or maybe we like a coffee from a particular growing region but the coffees we import and roast takes that approach to a whole other level. The 10 single-origin coffees in the Safari Pride line-up are each unique. The flavor notes that come through are pure because we aren't mixing different things together with those varieties. Our 4 blends are precisely mixed to create their own unique flavors before we roast them.

We are confident that you will find several varieties you will love and hope that you find these new sampler kits beneficial. Cross reference them with the tasting notes on the website as you experience them and come back to order your favorites. 

We are committed to providing a good value to those who grow the coffee so that everyone benefits, and this is a point we feel passionately about. 

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